Organic snack made with crunchy vegan goodness

Start a healthy dance with Crock & Roll.

organic snack coconut and cocoa
organic snack coconut and cocoa
snack bio hazelnut
Great rhythm, perfect crunchiness. An organic snack with a dark cocoa soul.

Natural organic ingredients in healthy, nutritious, gluten-free cannoli. With three different flavours, it’s the perfect organic snack for indulging in the sweet taste of cocoa, not forgetting the organic natural ingredients. The perfect break to the rhythm of Crock & Roll.

snack fondente vegano bio

Organic-vegan snack with cocoa filling

For anyone who loves strong flavours and is attracted to the rocking soul of dark cocoa.

Organic-vegan cocoa snack with coconut filling

A timeless taste with a strong personality. Its exotic notes will transport you far away.

Organic-vegan snack with hazelnut and cocoa filling

Crunchy and tasty, for anyone seeking an unmistakable flavour. The perfect blend of hazelnuts and cocoa.
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