Organic, vegan crunchy bars

Let's have a crunchy, healthy break with Crunchy Bar.

organic vegan mango goji bar
organic vegan coconut and banana bars
organic vegan red fruits bars
Organic, vegan bars with a crunchy texture and a sweet taste. A delicious snack that's healthy, natural and strictly gluten-free.

Unique fruit flavours combined with a crunchy texture. Thanks to their natural organic ingredients, these crunchy vegan bars are perfect at any time of day. Whether you’re the sporty type or more of a coach potato, this snack will become your healthy good habit.

organic vegan red fruits crunchy bar

Organic-vegan snack with mixed berries

Approach your break with all the curiosity of a walk in the woods. Enjoy the pleasure of small discoveries, bite after bite, fruit after fruit.
organic vegan coconut banana crispy bar

Organic-vegan snack with banana and coconut

Thanks to the sweet taste of banana and the fresh flavour of coconut, this bar will take you on an exotic journey, with no food miles.
organic vegan goji plum bar

Organic-vegan snack with plums and Goji berries

Goji berries meet the enchanting flavour of plums in a bar with a crunchy texture and a smooth taste.
bem espositore barrette
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